This is the story of Anna and of her boarding kennel. Anna is a girl  who, at a certain given moment in her life she decided to make a career change and to dedicate body and soul to her weaving passions of more than twenty years: nature and dogs. That’s the reason why she contacted us and together we made a boarding kennel of 5 box with air conditioning, automatic waterers and a grooming room.

The dogs  kennels is surrounded by 2000 yards of fenced garden, which is the perfect spot to leave her guests free to run and play in the open air and to socialise.
The whole thing is constantly supervised by Anna and her co-workers who let the dogs have fun in total safety.
In addition for the more active guests, under prior authorisation by their owners, it is possible to walk them over the world famous hills of Franciacorta.

How did you come up with this idea?

My passion for dogs started twenty years ago. I always worked in the dog industry and at a certain moment I felt the need to escape the city to live more in touch with nature and my dogs.
That’s how I came up with the idea of the boarding kennel. I had this country house with a huge chunk of land around and a lot of passion…I only needed someone who could have helped me in realising the project.Being by myself and being a woman I needed experienced professionals to work in this project as I couldn’t leave anything to chance.

What were the reasons that pulled you to choose dogbox?

I didn’t pick dogbox by chance: some of my breeder friends with a lot of experience under their belts they enthousiastically advised me to contact dogbox and without any further hesitation I contacted Luca and Paolo.
The project went really smooth since its beginning and they took care of the smallest detail and mostly they were able to coordinate themselves with the masons in the smoothest and fastest way possible.
I was really happy of the results, the structure isn’t huge but very well-finished and very welcoming and most of all it perfectly fits my needs.

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