Just like regular walls, roof covering is made with insulated panels. Thermal insulation is due to the rigid expanded polyurethane foam which is sandwiched between two galvanized baked enamel corrugated sheets.
The peculiar distribution system of the foam provides crucial advantages like the high insulation level while maximising the efficiency of heat distribution and of structural stiffening.
All the dogbox structures provide the ideal temperature for the dog: cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

There is also the chance to install a heating system inside the kennel to keep indoor temperature steady.

The “Paddy” Rest Bench raised from the ground provides a total insulation effect by keeping humidity away while it cuts off the cost of having a doghouse which is not necessary anymore.

Choosing the thickness

The thicker is the wall the higher would be the insulation.
Normally our structure are built with a 40mm thick wall that provides
an excellent level of insulation in temperate latitudes.
In the mountains or in more adverse climates we suggest to raise the
thickness of the external walls and of the covering.
Please find below the values of the Thermal transmittance of the wall panel according to their thickness.

Types of coating


Standard color SIENA RED.
Wide choice of RAL codes available.

It is an insulated panel designed for use when aesthetic appeal is also important. Once installed, it resembles a traditional tile roof, offered in the same color as real tiles and also available with an antique finish. The insulated tile-like roofing meets the requirements of landscape regulations. It provides excellent thermal insulation due to its substantial thickness in the specific section.

Static and instance properties