Galvanised frames

In terms of solidity, functionality and safety for the pets, the technical features of our mesh frames are unique:

Frame: steel tube 40×40 mm. thickness: 2/3 mm.

Welded square mesh: 40×40 wire thickness: 4 mm.

Door: steel tube 40×20 thicness: 2/3 mm

Hinges welded to the frame

All measures available. You can also choose the door positioning and its swing direction

Grill Doors

Our Grill doors are equipped with an unique anti-escape system.
This system has the peculiar feature of not letting the dog inside the box.
It’s a very solid and functional solution with maximum safety for the pet.
Dogbox is the only company in Europe that makes this product which is also incomparable to what the market is offering at the moment.


Anti-seismic Structural Frames

Dogbox designs and builds structural frames which are delivered with their Structural analysis report.