Odour Control System

The Odour Control system is designed to eliminate both airborne and surface odors.

Normal masking agents only add scent to the smell generated by industrially formed odor compounds. AirSolution is different than simple masking agents; our misting odor neutralizers attract and neutralize odors through reactive chemical processes for permanent destruction.
These highly concentrated and widely versatile formulations are water-soluble and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, dispersed through our rugged AirStreme automated misting systems.
This system works through the process of odor counteraction to reduce odor complaints. The odor counteraction is a series of absorption and decomposition processes converting odor molecules into non-volatile compounds-reducing both their odor concentration and intensity Airsolution transforms annoying odours of any nature: organic, non-organic, chemical and it will solve the problem definitely.
The airSolution® system has nothing in common with similar products on the market.
The basis of AirSolution is a complex blend of essential oils and odoriferous organic compounds found in plants that once airsprayed in the atmosphere they quickly gasify and the sprayed gas releases opened molecules*.
The odorous molecules are absorbed into the opened airsolution molecules
because of the opposite electric charge.
It is possible to measure and quantify the transformation of smell gas levels. We ensure the action on: Mercaptans, amines, sulfides, ammonia, ketones, SOV, TOC and other organic compounds.
The various transformation stages are irreversible and airsolution definitely solves the problem.
The product is neither toxic, nor harmful, it is environment-friendly and it is 100% biodegradable.

hygiene, comfort, safety.