Rest bench

In each unit of the dogbox kennel we recommend to place a “Paddy” which is the dogbox Rest Bench. Raised from the floor, Paddy provides a total insulation effect as it keeps the dog off wet,drains and dust while it cuts off the cost of having a doghouse which is not necessary anymore.
Paddy is a galvanised iron frame while the resting surface is a brand new plastic grid composed of two pieces for the small size and four pieces for the large.
The bench is washable and easy to disassemble. It’s a real bed, comfortable, clean and eternal.

Available in two sizes
REGULAR – 60cm wide x 80cm long x 15cm high.
LARGE – 80cm wide x 120cm long x 15cm high.

Advantages: indestructible, waterproof, easy to clean, high thermal and electrical insulation, it doesn’t deteriorate, while it keeps the dog free of biological contaminants which can cause health problems.

A healthy indoor environment is important to any kennel and dogbox number one priority is the sanitary safety of both dogs and humans.

Dog Bowls Holders

Our bowl holder is another complement of our kennels.
It is made of a rotating plate mounted upon hinges where the bowl holder is secured.
The feeding bowl with the food can be settled on the bowl holder.
The dogbox bowl holder is made of galvanised steel and it can be installed both on the insulated wall panel or on the welded fence panel.
It’s available in two versions: single for one bowl or double for two.

Infrared Heater for dogs

The infrared lamp is an efficient and a money-saving heating system for any professional kennel equipped with a power outlet. Displacement and positioning are extremely easy.

The Infrared heating lamp has the following features:

• lampholder
• switch
• Aluminum reflector
• 150w infrared lamp