Fogging system

It’s a cooling system that works through a water fogging system that allows the lowering of the Room temperature.
Fogging system 60 bar-850 psi fog module Fogging system from 12 to 70 nozzles.
With Idrobase water inlet kit: 2 year warranty


• Frame made of galvanized plate with stainless steel cover.
• Motor-pump, 1400 Rpm, 230 V-50 Hz with axial pump, 3 plungers with terminal part in ceramic and brass head.
• Unloader valve.
• L.p. solenoid valve 230 V-50 Hz, inlet water.
• H.p. solenoid valve 230 V-50 Hz, to unload the h.p. line.
• L.p. pressure switch for lack of water.
• Electric board complete with: ON/OFF thermal switch, remote control switch and timer to relay h.p. solenoid valve.

It is ready to be connected to an external device.

* The highest number of nozzles has been calculated by using a nozzle with flow rate 20 (0,082 l/min-0.02 USGpm) at 60 bar-850 psi.