Palermo Airport

Fornitura box da adibire ad uso di ricovero per cani nucleo cinofili polizia di stato, all’interno dell’area Sterile dell’ AEROPORTO FALCONE BORSELLINO.
Inizio lavori : lunedi 18 maggio 2015
Fine lavori : venerdi 22 maggio 20

Points of strenght of kennels dogbox

30 years of trading within the kennel marketplace has given us the experience to advance and refine are kennels to insure good:

  • Kennels – Insulation and Sound reduction properties
  • Prefabricated dog kennels easy to clean and to keep hygienic
  • Kennel – durable and robust
  • Kennel Specifications & accessories
  • Quick installation

Kennels – Insulation and Sound reduction properties kennel systems have some of the highest insulation and noise reduction properties in are market place. This is achieved by using special 40mm or thicker insulated composite board.

Prefabricated dog kennels easy to clean and to keep hygienic

Are kennels systems are designed and manufactured to insure easy cleaning. All materials used have wipe clean surfaces to insure easy cleaning, none of the materials used within the construction of are kennels have absorbent materials that harbor disease. All walls fastened to the floor are sealed to insure no cross contamination occurs.

Kennel – durable and robust

Many prefabricated dog kennels have got a bad reputation for been lite weight and costly to maintain. has taken the time to design and manufacture systems that are durable, robust and cheap to maintain. We only use fit for purpose materials and none of the materials are corrosive.

Kennel specifications & accessories

A prefabricated kennels can easily be manufactured to any size and many different insulation thicknesses.

We have a wide range of quality accessories to make your life easier:

De Odorizer – helps to keep your kennel smelling nice.

Sleeping benches – high quality and easy to keep clean


And much more…..please ask for details.