The walls of the dogbox kennel are made with insulated sandwich panels. Insulation is due to its core of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR/PIR) coated with two thin metal cover sheets. Thanks to the integration of insulating material and the way the foam is distributed, sandwich panels provide crucial advantages like the high insulating level, efficient temperature spread and structural stiffening. Insulating panels provides the dog with a cool environment in the summer and warm in the winter.

For a higher climate control within the structure our offer can be extended to:

1) Installing a heating system to keep the temperature steady.

2) The “Paddy” Rest Bench raised from the floor provides a total insulation effect as it keeps the dog off wet and it cuts off the cost of having a doghouse which is not necessary anymore.

3) Installing a recycled plastic floor which is composed of nontoxic material highly resistant to atmospheric exposure and environmental stress.

Because of its peculiar molecular structure, it doesn’t deteriorate, it can’t break into shards and it ensures total insulation, resistance to mites, fungi and bacteria.

The floor is easy to clean and disinfectable.

It must be taken into account that by choosing the recycled plastic floor there’s no need to build the concrete slab.

Choosing the thickness

The thicker is the wall the higher would be the insulation.
Normally our structure are built with a 40mm thick wall that provides
an excellent level of insulation in temperate latitudes.
In the mountains or in more adverse climates we suggest to raise the
thickness of the external walls and of the covering.

Here we provide the values of the Thermal transmittance of the wall panel according to their thickness.


You can choose among several types of coating:

Coloured insulated wall panel: just choose among the available RAL codes.

• Acriplast coating: this is the plastered wall coating, colours can be chosen among those available.

• Wood coating:pine lumber or fir lumber thick: 25 mm, tapped,impregnated in autoclave, double coating double polishing

Static properties