The central corridor

The Central corridor represents the top of the heap among the dogbox products because this solution allows the operator to eliminate exposure to heat or cold by working indoor while having the whole structure under control.

Advantages of the prefabricated kennel with central corridor:

1) The operator walks shorter distances to manage the structure.

2) The kennels are built-in around the corridor allowing safe and efficient movement of animals, persons, equipment and/or materials.

3) Animals can be managed from the corridor with no need for direct contact thanks to the cable guide that controls the sliding door. This solution allows to handle irritable, snapping dogs in total safety by allowing access to the structure even to
non-professional operators.

4) The structure can be partitioned in different sections and each of them can be isolated according to its given purpose.

If for example we have a central corridor structure with technical rooms set on the very centre of the structure the kennel could be partitioned in four different sections according to the activity taking place in each section: Breeding, Pension, Training, Grooming etc. This solution minimise the maintenance costs while it maximises the efficiency of the structure and ultimately of the business itself.

Strong points

Hygiene, comfort, safety.

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