Doors opening from the Corridor to the Night Zone

Central and Side-Corridor projects are provided with multiple opening options to access the night zone.


Galvanised mesh door


1/2 mesh Door


Glass Door


Door + 1/2 mesh wall

Special doors for dog breeding facilities

This special door is highly effective as while opening the higher door we can easily walk from one zone to another without opening the lower one. This way puppies will stay in their zone without hindering the operator’s work.

Doors between Night Zone/Day Zone

Plain Door

Plain Door + Transfer Door

Porthole Door

Porthole Door + Transfer Door

Transfer Door

The transfer door provides controlled dog access from the Night Zone to the Day Zone. It can be wall or door-mounted while the opening options are 1) vertical lift or 2) hard flap with hinges placed on the top side of the door with a safety hook set on opening mode.


Cable guide opening

transfer door

Tech Unit Doors

All our doors are in aluminium, drip-edged with insulated panels, with or without glass/bars, threshold on external doors, equipped with a special handle-latch specifically designed for dogs. All doors are provided with 3 copies of keys.


Windows with 2 sliding Shutters w/o Safety bars

Fixed Windows

Transom Windows (vasistas) w/o safety bars

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